What Happens At The Theatre?


During the week of the show, all dancers and actors should arrive at the theatre no later that 6:15pm ready for a 7pm start. For the Saturday Matinee, dancers and actors should arrive no later that 1:15pm. 


All dancers should...


  • Arrive in full makeup and be wearing their first costume
  • Students to be dropped off at the gym enterence, follow the path to the left of the main entrance
  • The gym and dressing rooms are strictly out of bounds to parents/carers
  • Hair should be securely tied back in a French Plait and off the face
  • All students will be registered in and out so please be patient during pickup
  • During the interval the dancers will remain in the dressing rooms so please enjoy some refreshments at the bar
  • Only water, in named bottles, will be allowed in the gym and dressing rooms so no other drinks please