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The Danceblast Uniform 
The Danceblast uniform is made up of black leggings
and a black or pink top.  
At Danceblast the students can purchase black zip hoodies, black or pink T-shirts, vest tops, all with the logo on them.  
These come in two styles, either the cotton or a stretchy fitted T shirts.
The students can also purchase black jazz shoes.
Prices are varied and are listed below. 
Zip hoodies child £13.00 adult £15.00.
Non Zip hoodies child £15 adult £18
Cotton T-shirts black or pink child £11.00 adult £13.00.
Fitted stretchy T-shirts black or pink child £11.00 adult £13.00.
Vest Tops  black or pink children £10.00 adults £12.00
Black Jazz Shoes
 10 - 1  £17.00
 1.5 - 8  £19.00
Small Black Ballet Shoes
5 - 7   £7
8 - 9   £8
10 - 11 £9 
If you would like to order any of the items, please could you speak
to Phyl or email