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Another Rehearsal Done

Posted on 11th November, 2017

Another rehearsal done! Only five more to go, that's crazy!! The dances are coming along very well, there is still work to be done to perfect them but they are looking amazing at the moment. Each and everyone of the dancers are putting in so much hard work and dedication, that the show is starting to come to life- it's starting to piece together. By the time the shows come around in the Easter holidays, it will all make sense.

Behind the Curtain

Posted on 30th September, 2017

Danceblast: Behind the Curtain


"Dance is a sport which take strength and effort; Dance is an art which takes patience and grace; Dance is a volume which can be loud or the quietest thing in the world; Dance is a way of living"


What could be better than finding out what goes on behind the scenes of one of Bristol's most exciting dance schools. From putting on our own productions in the Easter Holidays each year, to performing at Bristol Pride- 20 years of hard work, dedication and many different whacky costumes definitely pays off. 


First rehearsal for 2018's 20th anniversary production is complete, and the dances are already looking incredible! Everyone has so much passion and energy and to see them put that into dance is incredible- even the adorable little ones. A few mistakes here and there but nothing is ever perfect first time around, there is still time to improve before Easter.