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The Band...


Band History...


The band has been going since 2002 under different names and with different line-ups.


Vocals: Kirsty Williams, Kate Peters, Tracy Burt

Keyboard and Musical Director: Paul Cragg 

Guitar: Steve Berry 

Bass : Muddy  

Drums: Pete Haile


Honorable mentions to...


Richard Mason, KIrsty Lloyd, Natalie Williams, Tom Peters, Jen and Dan Richards, Kate Peters, Lucy Childs, Tom Hobbs, Nicola Rowles, Rachel Cragg, Nikki Brooks, Carlo Ippolito (without whom none of this would have been possible), Kirsty Williams, Tommie Maddox, Craig Walker, John Guilfoyle, Sarah Hayes, Natalie Williams, Steph Callaghan, Gareth Kibble, Craig Goldsworthy, Ezra Harvey, Sam Wrigglesworth, Rob Murley and Tallulah Berry. All of whom performed with great distinction and merit. Anne writes most of the lyrics for the original songs (and has been known to come up with the odd tune too!) and organises us of course.