The Danceblast Teachers


Anne Taylor - Principal


I have the best job in the world.






Sarah - Vice Principal



Sarah has been with Danceblast since 2002. I can honestly say that when I asked her to become a student teacher she screamed the loudest of anyone. Being slightly smaller than the other teachers has been very useful for us; we have been able to put her into two of the class 7 dances which needed partners. Sarah graduated from Bath Spa University in 2017 and holds a degree in Dance.



Georgia - Head Teacher


Georgia has been with Danceblast probably longer than any other Teacher. I was pleased when Georgia proved to be an excellent candidate for a Student Teacher. Although not as noisy as Sarah, her enthusiasm for Danceblast is as great. I really look forward to seeing her grow as a teacher. I can't wait for her to be involved in next year's choreography.



Molly - Student Teacher


Molly became a student teacher this year, and according to her dad, like Sarah screamed when she read my text to her. With Callum going off for three months and Sarah starting Uni in September both Georgia and Molly have their work cut out for them. I have no doubt they will rise to the challenge.





Elana - Student Teacher

I have been at Danceblast since the age of 5 and have taken part in 11
shows. I have made many friends over the years and collected many memories.
I have completed my dance GCSE and due to start my dance A level in
September, I am interested in performing arts, in particular dance. I have
just recently become a dance teacher at Danceblast and I am really excited
about being given this opportunity and would like to thank Anne. I really
enjoy working with children and hope to share my enthusiasm for dance with
them as I am considering teaching as a career. I look forward to remaining
as part as the Danceblast family for many years to come.

David - Student Teacher