Photos and DVD's

Why not treat yourself to a special momento of the show? The children put a lot of energy into the performances and for them it is a very special week. There have also been many proud parents and carers who have watched their children grow in confidence, from their first performance in front of an audience and all the way to ballet, point, complex dances and acting. Photos and DVD's are a great way to remember their Danceblast journey! 



There will be an official costume photo shoot which takes place at St Francis Church Hall. We also take photos of the rehearsals and the photos will be available to purchase either at the show or during normal classes. Photos are available in 7 x 5 inch and custom professionally edited and printed photos of different sizes are also available on request.



There will be two DVD's availale, one for Thursday evening and one for Saturday evening. These are usually available in approximatly 6 weeks from the end of the show.