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Despite the persisting downpouring of the rain, the Danceblast

kids completed a fine display...









During the week of the show 9th 15th April 2016


Everyone is to arrive at Churchill Academy no later than 6.15pm for a 7pm start.


Students all enter via the gym.

Arrive Fully made up and wearing your first costume.

All classes Hair securely tied back - French plaited and hair off the face.

For their security all children must be registered in and out, so please be patient when picking them up.

Once you have walked your children around to the Gym before the performance, both the Gym and the dressing rooms are STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS for parents unless they are on the rota for helping.

This year’s ‘watering hole’ Gnome Central Bar is situated opposite the main entrance to the school. It will be open before the performances and during the interval; all of the photos will be on display there together with order forms for photographs DVD’s and CD’s.


As you all have numbered seating this year, I hope you will not feel the need to queue.






Each class will be brought into the Gym and will have an older student with a class register, once you have identified yourself to the older student, your child can be signed out and you can take them home.


It is very important that everyone understands the importance of this system even if it means being a little patient; it is done for your Childs safety.


Please do not try and see your child during THE INTERVAL

(we have to know where they are at all times in case of fire alarms etc).



Once they are in the dressing rooms they will not be allowed out until they are picked up at the end of the show.

If during the performance a fire alarm does go off (as has happened in the past) please do not attempt to come into the gym or take your child away until we have been given the all clear to return to the gym.

It is very, very important that we know where the children are at all times.

All students to arrive no later than 45 minutes before the performance starts and they are to be collected from the Gym (see above). The matinee performance starts at 2.00pm and should finish around 4.30pm ish.

The evening performances start at 7.00pm and should finish at around 9.30pm ish During the performances please do not send your children in with any food, They may bring a bottle of water but please put their name on it.


Thank you...