Fees and Styles

All classes are held at Dt Francis Church Hall every Saturday 10.00am—4.15pm
and Sunday 2pm—5.00pm.  
The Sunday classes are held at the Tobacco Factory Studio and are for Seniors, these include hip hop, jazz modern and ballet. 
How much does it cost?
There is no registration fee.
Saturday classes 1- 4 cost £5.00 per student, £4.50 if you have a brother or sister already attending. These fees are payable monthly via cash or cheque. 
Classes 5 and 6, which also take place on Saturdays cost £6.00 or £5.50 if you have siblings within the school.  These fees are payable monthly via cash or cheque. 
Sunday classes for Seniors £10.00 if you are taking the pointe class as well as the other classes and £8 if you are not doing pointe, and these fees are payable monthly via cash or cheque. 
Styles of Dance
This can range from hip hop, jazz modern, ballet and contemporary, depending on what each class is doing in the next show.  We aim to teach all the students as many different styles of dance as possible
Singing and Acting
All of our shows incorporate a play.
All the students have the opportunity to act as well as dance.  
Previous shows, The King of Birds, Come on and Roll over, Not all Wands Wings,  Gold Hair, Turtles Rock, The Animals Danced in Two by Two, Total Eclipse, Spooks on the Loose, King of Brizzle, Hit the Road Jack, Alice Takes the Biscuit and I Spy Who Stole the Eye and The Mane Attraction, The Rocky Gnome Show and 25 Shades of Grey have all been musicals written by Anne and have involved the students singing, dancing and acting. 
Thank you...